Bread Crumbs Making Machine

Bread crumbs extruder machines come in various sizes and capacities, depending on the production requirements of the specific application. They are commonly used in commercial bakeries, food processing plants, and other facilities that need to produce large quantities of bread crumbs consistently and efficiently.

Bread Crumbs Making Machine

Bread Crumbs are small particles or pieces of bread, it is often used as a coating for fried or baked foods to provide a crispy and golden exterior.
The extruder machine could quickly produce the bread crumbs in large quantities.These machines are designed to automate the process of transforming bread into uniform crumbs.

How is the bread crumb making machine working?

Mixer machine. Mix all materials together with water. Like wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour.

Conveyor machine. Transport mixed materials into extruder hopper.

Extruder machine. Puff the materials and change materials texture ilike bread.

Cutter machine. Cut the puffed materials into pieces.

Dryer machine. Dry the materials and make them crispy.

Bread crumb crush machine. Grind the puffed materials into small pieces.

Packing machine.


Bread crumb extruder machine capacity.

AVN65 machine, 120 kg per hour.

AVN70 machine, 200kg per hour.

AVN85 machine, 500 kg per hour.

AVN95 machine, 1000 kg per hour.

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