Industrial Deep Fryer

Industrial deep fryer includes the continuous fryer machine, batch fryer machine. 


Industrial Deep Fryer

The industrial deep fryer is a large-scale cooking appliance used in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and other food-related industries factory. It is specifically designed to handle high-volume frying of food items, such as snacks, vegetables, french fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and other breaded or battered products.
The industry fryer machine includes the continuous fryer machine, batch fryer machine. 

batch fryer machine

The continuous fryer machine could work together with other matched machines, to form a continuous production line.
Batch fryer machine works time by time, batch by batch.

The energy of the industrial deep fryer.
1. Electric ernergy. 2. Gas energy. 3. LPG.

The advantage of industry fryer machine.
1.The fry time is adjustable. To suit different fry time. The belt speed is controlled by inverter. The lower belt speed, the longer fry time.
2. Fry temperature is adjustable. Normally the food fry temperature is about 180 degree to 210 degree.
3. Machines are made by stainless steel, food grade. 
4. There is oil filter system. Oil filter systems are designed to remove impurities and prolong the oil’s usable life, enhancing the quality and taste of fried foods.

The capacity of the fryer machine is variable according to different products and machine length. Welcoem your inquiry to get more information.

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