Full autumatic macaroni production line

Function: Macaroni production line
Model: AVN2000
Category: Fryer Machine
Price: USD8000 PER SET.
Supply Ability: 10 SETS PER MONTHLY

Automatic Macaroni Production Line ‚ÄĒ a perfect solution for efficiently and consistently producing high-quality macaroni. This advanced production line combines precision engineering with high technology to streamline the macaroni manufacturing process, ensuring top-notch product quality and increased productivity.

macaroni production line

Autumatic macaroni producing line key features:

Automated Extrusion System: The heart of our production line is the automated extrusion system, which precisely shapes the macaroni dough into uniform tubes with consistent texture and thickness. This system guarantees the production of perfect macaroni every time, meeting the highest industry standards.

High Production Capacity: Our production line is designed for efficiency, with a high-speed extrusion process that allows for a significant output of macaroni in a shorter time frame. This is ideal for meeting the demands of large-scale production while maintaining product excellence.

Versatility in Macaroni Shapes: This production line offers flexibility in creating various macaroni shapes to cater to diverse consumer preferences. From classic elbow macaroni to specialty shapes, our system can be easily adjusted to meet specific market demands.

Precision Control Panel: The production line features a user-friendly control panel with a touch-screen interface, allowing operators to monitor and adjust production parameters with precision. This ensures consistent product quality and allows for quick adaptations to varying production needs.

Efficient Drying System: After extrusion, the macaroni is efficiently dried to the optimal moisture content. Our drying system is designed to maintain the structural integrity of the pasta while enhancing its shelf life.

Quality Materials and Construction: Crafted from high-quality, food-grade materials, the production line is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation. The robust construction ensures longevity and minimizes downtime, contributing to a reliable and cost-effective manufacturing process.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: The production line is engineered for easy maintenance and cleaning, reducing downtime and ensuring hygienic production conditions. Quick disassembly and reassembly facilitate routine maintenance tasks, allowing for smooth and efficient operation.

Machine capacity.







50 kg/h

100 kg/h



  macaroni production line macaroni production line

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Invest in the Macaroni machine to elevate your macaroni manufacturing process. Whether you are a large-scale industrial producer or a smaller operation, our solution is scalable to meet your production needs, providing consistency, efficiency, and excellence in every batch. Elevate your macaroni production with our cutting-edge technology and take a leap forward in the pasta manufacturing industry.

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