Fry Bugles nacho cheese snacks machine

Function: Nacho cheese snacks machine
Capacity:120kg/hour, 200kg/hour, 500kg/hour,
Model: AVN65, AVN70, AVN85
Category: Snacks extrusion machine
Price: USD9000 to USD25000 PER SET.
Supply Ability: 5 SETS PER MONTHLY
Payment Method: T/T,L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal.


The Bugles Nacho Cheese Snacks Machine, a good innovation designed to revolutionize the production of delicious and crispy Bugles snacks with the irresistible flavor of nacho cheese. This new designed extrusion machine is engineered to deliver efficiency, precision, and consistency in snack production.

Bugles Nacho Cheese Snacks Machine Key Features:

High-Performance Extrusion System: Our machine features a robust extrusion system that precisely shapes the Bugles, ensuring uniformity in size and texture. This high-performance system enables the production of large quantities of Bugles snacks in a short amount of time, meeting the demands of a fast-paced production environment.

Versatility in Bugles Shapes: Experience versatility like never before. Our extrusion machine allows for the creation of various Bugles shapes, giving you the flexibility to cater to different market preferences. From classic curled Bugles to innovative and eye-catching designs, the possibilities are endless.

Nacho Cheese Flavor Infusion: Elevate your Bugles snacks with the rich and savory taste of nacho cheese. Our extrusion machine is equipped with a flavor infusion system that ensures a consistent and delicious nacho cheese flavor in every bite. Say goodbye to unevenly seasoned snacks ‚Äď our technology guarantees an even distribution of flavor.

User-Friendly Control Panel: The machine boasts a user-friendly control panel, making operation easy and efficient. Adjust settings, monitor production, and maintain quality control effortlessly with our intuitive interface. Our goal is to simplify the production process, allowing operators to focus on creating the perfect Bugles snack.

Hygienic Design: We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary production environment. Our Bugles Nacho Cheese Snacks Extrusion Machine is designed with hygiene in mind, featuring easy-to-clean components and materials that meet industry standards. This ensures the production of snacks that meet both quality and safety requirements.

Energy-Efficient Technology: In line with our commitment to sustainability, our extrusion machine incorporates energy-efficient technologies to minimize environmental impact. Save on operational costs while contributing to a greener future.

The flow chart of the bugles stick extruder machine

Mixer machine—conveyor machine—extruder machine—shape machine—conveyor machine—fryer machine—flavoring machine—packing machine.

bugles machine line

Bugles stick extruder machine machine pictures.

extruder mould on bugles

bugles shaper batch fryer machine

Extruder Machine Applications:

  • Snack Production Facilities
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Specialty Snack Manufacturers

The capacity of the bugles stick extruder machine.

AVN65 extruder has capacity 120-150 kg per hour.
AVN70 extruder has capacity 200-250 kg per hour.
AVN85 extruder has capacity 500-800 kg per hour,
AVN95 extruder has capacity 1000-1200 kg per hour.

Invest in our Bugles Nacho Cheese Snacks Machine and elevate your snack production capabilities to new heights. Delight consumers with the perfect combination of crunch and nacho cheese goodness, all made possible by cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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