Pre conditioner machine

Function: Pre conditioner.
Model: AVN2000
Category: Pre-conditoner
Price: USD8000 PER SET.
Supply Ability: 10 SETS PER MONTHLY


Pre-conditioner machine

The pre-conditioning apparatus is employed to preprocess materials prior to the twin-screw extruder machine. It is utilized in the production of snacks, fish feed, pet food, and various other items, aiming to enhance the quality of the products.

The preparatory apparatus is well-suited for the manufacturing of aquatic materials and high-quality livestock and poultry materials. Equipped with a dual-shaft differential preparation device, it incorporates a multi-point steam inlet, ensuring an extended tempering period that results in thorough tempering, heightened maturity, and varying shaft diameters. The diverse speeds and opposing rotations of the shafts enable a comprehensive shearing and mixing of materials, steam, and liquids, facilitated by the two-axis paddle blades.

All components in contact with materials within the pre-conditioner are crafted from stainless steel. The conditioning device adopts a spacious door structure, facilitating easy operation and maintenance. The blade angle is adjustable, allowing control over tempering duration and small particle granulation. The conditioner primarily consists of paddles or augers along with nozzles. Typically, steam or water is introduced into the conditioner, and a prolonged duration yields better results.

The conditioner is primarily constituted of paddles or augers and nozzles. Normally, steam is introduced into the conditioner to achieve uniform mixing and softening of the material along with additives. The general tempering time for livestock and poultry feed is around 20 seconds. Within this timeframe, powdered feed absorbs heat and moisture from water vapor, softening and facilitating pellet formation. For specialized animal and aquatic feed, an extension of conditioning time is typically required to enhance quality and water resistance.

The Pre-conditioner Machine Specification.

​Name Voltage Augers Capacity Steam Dimension Speed
Pre Conditioner machine 380V 50Hz Double 300-2000kg per hour 0.1 ton 0.1Mpa 1800*500*1200mm Differential speed

Conditoner machine is used on extruder, pellet machines and so on, for feed processing machines.

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