Snacks machine

Puff snacks machine line is designed to produce different puff snacks, fry snacks, baking snacks and so on. Like puff rice, puff corn, fry pellets, cheetos, nocho and so on.

Snacks machine

The snacks extruder machine line could produce different puff snacks. Like choco filled snacks, corn puff snacks, cheese ball, puff rice, cheetos, bugles, soya chunks and so on. Evenly the extruder could produce the FRK rice, modified starch, bread crumbs, stabilization rice bran, animal pellets and so on.

choco filled snack

The snacks machine line flow chart.

Mixer machine—conveyor machine—extruder machine—conveyor—dryer machine—flavoring machine—packing machine.

Mxier machine. The recipe of snacks are diverse. Water is necessary to produce snacks. Mixer materials is utilized to mix materials evenly.
Conveyor machine. The mixed materials are send to extruder machine hopper by the conveyor machine.
Extruder machine.Ā  The extruder machine is mainly function to produce puff snacks. There are different moulds to produce various snacks.
Dryer machine.Ā  Dryer is used to make snacks more crispy, and dry the moisture from snacks.
Flavoring machine. The snacks have different taste with the season powder, like chili, cheese, grilled meats and so on. The drum flavoring machine will spray oil with season powder.
Packing machine. The puff snacks will be packed with bags, air aerated.

extruder machine AVN65 snacks package

The capacity of snacks machine line.

Item AVN65 AVN70 AVN85 AVN90
Capacity 120-150 kg/hour 200-250 kg/hour 500-800 kg/hour 1000-1200 kg/hour

The advantage of extruder snacks machine.
1. The snacks machine line is multi-function, the extruder could produce various snacks products with different moulds.

2. The snacks machine line could produce snacks automaticly.
3. The capcity is adjustable, machines are easy to operate.
4. One year after sale service, free equipment training.

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