Soya protein chunks machine line

Function: Soya protein chunks machine line
Model: AVN65
Category: Soya protein chunks machine
Price: USD8000 PER SET.
Supply Ability: 10 SETS PER MONTHLY

Soya protein chunks machine

Soya protein chunks, also known as soy chunks or soy nuggets, are a popular vegetarian and vegan meat substitute made from defatted soy flour. They are produced by removing oil  soybeans materials and then extruding the remaining protein-rich material into various shapes, such as chunks, granules, or strips.

Soya protein chunks machine

Soya chunks machine is well designed to produce different shape soya chunks with different soya materials. Like soya meal, soybean okara. The soya chuncks extruder will cook the soya meal, texture the soya meal then shape to soya chunks. After drying, the soya chunk is ready to sale.

Soya protein chunks machine

The flow chart of soya protein chunks machine

Mixer machine, it is used to mix soya meal, water and other food additives.

Conveyor machine, it could transport mixed materials to extruder hopper.

Extruder machine, the main soya chunks making and shape machine.

Conveyor machine, The shaped soya chunks are sent to dryer machine.

Dryer machine. Used to dehydrate moisture, make sure the soya chunks can be store more time.

Packing machine.

The capacity of soya chunks machine.

AVN 1000 machine has capacity 80-100 kg per hour.

AVN65 machine line has capacity 120 kg per hour.

AVN70 machine line has capacity 200 kg per hour.

AVN85 machine line has capacity 500 kg per hour.

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