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The kurkure plant typically refers to a manufacturing facility where Kurkure snacks are produced. Kurkure is a popular Indian snack brand known for its crunchy, spicy, and tangy extruded corn and rice-based snacks.


The kurkure plant is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed for the production of Kurkure snacks, a beloved snack brand in India and several other countries. This plant is equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure the production of high-quality, flavorful, and crispy snacks that consumers have come to love.


Kurkure Plant Key Features:

  1. Raw Material Handling: The plant is equipped to handle raw materials such as cornmeal, rice meal, spices, and various flavorings used in Kurkure production. Quality control measures are in place to ensure the freshness and purity of ingredients.

  2. Extrusion Process: The heart of the Kurkure plant is the extrusion process, where a mixture of grains and spices is cooked, extruded, and shaped into the iconic Kurkure form. The machinery is designed to maintain consistent texture and taste.

  3. Seasoning and Flavoring: A dedicated section of the plant is reserved for seasoning and flavoring the Kurkure snacks. Different flavorings and spices are applied to create a wide variety of mouthwatering taste experiences.

  4. Quality Control: Stringent quality control checks are implemented at various stages of production to ensure that each Kurkure snack meets the highest standards for taste, texture, and safety.

  5. Packaging: The Kurkure Plant is equipped with advanced packaging machinery that efficiently packages the snacks to maintain their freshness and shelf life. Packaging can be customized to meet various market needs.

  6. Hygiene and Safety: The facility maintains strict hygiene and safety standards to ensure the production of safe and wholesome snacks. Cleanliness, sanitation, and employee safety are top priorities.

  7. Production Capacity: The Kurkure Plant is designed to cater to the demands of a large consumer base. It can produce Kurkure snacks in various flavors and packaging sizes to meet market requirements.

  8. Innovation: The plant is committed to continuous innovation and the development of new Kurkure snack varieties to keep up with changing consumer preferences.

  9. Sustainability: Efforts are made to minimize environmental impact through responsible sourcing of raw materials, waste management, and energy-efficient production processes.

The Kurkure Plant plays a vital role in ensuring that consumers can enjoy the delicious and crunchy Kurkure snacks they have come to love. It adheres to the highest quality standards and delivers a delightful snacking experience to people of all ages.


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rotary drum flavoring machine

The kurkure plant line.
Mixer machine—conveyor machine—cheetos extruder machine—drum seperate machine—fryer machine—flavoring machine.
The mixer machine would add water into the corn grits.
The conveyor machine could send materials into cheetos extruder hopper.
The extruder machine mainly machine to produce the cheetos chips.
Seperate drum. This is machine to clean cheetos, seperate small pieces materials to avoid fry oil pollution.
Fryer machine. Fry cheetos and make it crunch. The baking machine could instead of fryer machine to cook cheetos.
Flavoring machine. Make season of the cheetos.

The materials to make cheetos are con grits.

The capacity of kurkure plant.
AVN40 extruder machine has capacity 120 kg per hour.
AVN60 extruder machine has capacity 200 kg per hour.

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